How to end the 'Terrible Twos'


Solve Your Toddler's Behavior Problems Within Three Days

YES! You can stop those Terrible Two's tantrums in three days!
Instead of watching your two-year-old lay down on the floor while kicking and screaming "No!" -- imagine your toddler joyfully following your requests, and saying, "OK, Mommy!"

In this book, you will learn how to train your child to avoid hitting, biting, screaming, throwing tantrums, and creating general pandemonium in the home. Your toddler can be taught how to follow your instructions and take your lead.

This book is based on the same unique theories found in Lois Kleintís previous books about toddlers (Potty Train in Three Days, and Bedtime for Toddlers). You will learn new parenting skills, as Lois shows you practical ways to train a young child in new behavior, in only three times, three tries, three short days to parental freedom. These methods work like magic!

Learn how your child can:
- Make behavior changes within 3 short days
- Become more centered and well-adjusted
- Develop a greater sense of self-esteem

You will find this book to be a wealth of sound and practical advice in helping to create your little one: not only will he become a delight in the home during early years, but your child will develop positive behavior patterns that will carry on into adulthood and lay the foundation for a lifetime of success.