Potty training that works - in three days!


Here is the best practical advice available on potty training! With easy step-by-step procedures for this important phase of your child's development.

With this book as your guide, a once-dreaded job can actually become a pleasure as your child experiences true potty-training success, in only three short days, without frustration or failure.

January 4, 2010   What one Mom had to say.

"So we studied the potty training book and we tried it out the week after...and guess what?! She is using the potty! We are still convincing her that it's ok to do #2 in the potty most of the time, but hey I am just glad we got her this far. She holds it and then lets us know when she has to go no matter where we are and even continued doing so at the babysitters! So she has come very far with this method compared to everything else we have tried.
Thanks again!"
-- M. Carpenter

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