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Lois Kleint has a Master of Arts in Education and a lifetime of practical experience in educating parents and children. Her background includes not only the roles of teacher and school superintendent, parenting counselor and lecturer, but also that of early childhood specialist and private nursery school owner. Lois speaks with the voice of authority as a trusted advisor for parents and teachers from coast to coast. Her wealth of knowledge is also broadened by her personal touch as a mother of four and grandmother of ten.

This teaching is not theory. Lois's dedicated research on early childhood has pioneered new paths in the practice and teaching of unique principles for parenting, designed to instill positive behavior patterns in the very young. Her principles are as dependable as the laws of gravity, and they are easily incorporated into a daily relationship with your child.


This page offers you the opportunity to send an anonymous question to Lois and receive a public answer. You will also see others' questions posted here and read Lois' specific wisdom on ways to help create your child into a gifted human being.


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